Location: Active Retail Fuel Facilities, Oklahoma

Services Provided: Field Technician, Site Characterization

Whiterock provides ongoing groundwater monitoring at operating convenience stores and adjoining sites for OCC Licensed Consultants. Our team collects groundwater fluid level measurements, field parameters and samples utilizing low-flow peristaltic pumps and bailers. Once collected samples are submitted to a certified laboratory for analysis.


Location: Active Retail Fuel Facility, Oklahoma

Services Provided: Site Characterization

Whiterock’s OCC Licensed Consultant was contracted by a retail fuel facility to conduct a leaking underground storage tank (LUST) investigation. Our team installed monitoring wells to obtain soil and groundwater concentrations of BTEX, TPH-GRO and TPH-DRO and delineate the contaminant plume on site. Following an evaluation of the risk posed to human health and the environment via an Oklahoma risk-based corrective action report, Whiterock completed the investigation and obtained case closure for the client in 18 months.


Location: Active Retail Fuel Facility, Oklahoma

Services Provided: Field Technician, Remediation

Whiterock provided 40-hour Hazwoper certified labor for an injection and vacuum extraction event on six monitoring wells at an operating convenience store in Altus, OK. The surfactant injections were targeted at specific wells cited by the consultant as having historical impact above SSTLs. The surfactant breaks down and mobilizes fuel molecules attached to clay. Vacuum extraction then pulls the fuel, water and vapor to the surface to be stored until the end of the event.  Our team coordinated waste disposal with a certified reclamation facility.

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