Location: Municipal Golf Course, Florida

Services Provided:  Remediation

Whiterock installed 15 TreeWell© systems at a municipal golf course near Orlando, Florida. Our team provided logistical coordination, equipment operation and labor to drill 48” diameter holes to groundwater in partnership with a Pier Drilling Rig, installed TreeWell Systems, backfilled holes, and planted designated trees in the system. This TreeWell System is a test plot to evaluate hydraulic control in remediation of the nitrate impacted site. Whiterock furnished all site safety materials to ensure a zero-incident project.


Location: Former Petroleum Refinery, Oklahoma

Services Provided: Regulatory Compliance, Permitting, Data Management

Whiterock provides regulatory compliance administration, labor and equipment for operation and maintenance of a 360-acre active remediation site. Project responsibilities include groundwater monitoring, data collection and contractor coordination and oversight. As needed, our team of field technicians install, operate, maintain and decommission Air Sparge, Multiphase Extraction, Oxygen Injection, Free Product and Phytoremediation systems at the site. Whiterock both prepares and oversees all associated permits for the project to include OPDES, RCRA Post-Closure and waste disposal permits.

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