Whiterock Projects


Location: Active Retail Fuel Facility, Oklahoma

Services Provided: Regulatory Compliance

Whiterock was contracted by a retail fuel client to remove old tanks during their fuel system upgrade at an active convenience store. Our team scheduled removal activities with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) and provided an OCC licensed Consultant and UST Remover. Project requirements included removal of concrete, product lines, one 12,000-gallon and one 10,000-gallon fuel tank, soil sampling and excavation compaction. Laboratory analysis of the soil samples revealed impacted soil around the tank pit area. Whiterock completed the OCC indemnity fund application process on behalf of the client and conducted a site investigation.


Location: Active Lease Site, Oklahoma

Services Provided: Land Reclamation

Whiterock received a call from the client who stated a vandal had opened a valve on an Aboveground storage tank that contained Diesel fuel for oil production operations. The fuel ran off the lease pad and entered an adjoining field of cropland. Our team responded immediately with a skid loader to contain the remnants of the release. Soil samples were then taken in a grid pattern to delineate the site. In the sandy cropland, the release had impacted soil to a depth of 6 feet. Whiterock Resources conducted a dig and haul to remove 400 cubic yards of impacted soil, manifested soil for disposal to permitted landfill, and backfilled the excavation with certified clean fill dirt. The client promptly received Site Restoration approval from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.



Location: Northwest Oklahoma, Southern Kansas

Services Provided: Regulatory Compliance

Whiterock provided pre-construction inspection and reports for over 400 new pipelines in Northern Oklahoma and Southern Kansas. Pre-construction reports included a visual inspection of every planned pipeline from client’s compressor stations to newly completed wells, as they were surveyed. Observations from visual inspections were then compared against requirements and general conditions of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Nationwide Permit 12 (NWP12) to ensure compliance.